Ms. Just, You Are Now Dismissed

Those who are close to me know that lately I’ve been going through a bit of an identity crisis. I look at myself now and see how much I’ve changed since my divorce 3.5 years ago and I am amazed by how far I’ve come and also a bit dismayed at all that I have lost. I was talking to my friend Sara the other day and was lamenting the fact that the Destiny! who took her exclamation point just a few short years ago has become simply Destiny Just. That passion, that zest for life and work and love has gone dormant. And it’s not just because I broke up with my pretend boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg. This has been the case long before he started kissing anything and anyone that came near him, no matter the cooties that they clearly carry. This is a bona fide acute case of “holy shit, what has happened to me?” I only hope it isn’t terminal.  Continue reading

Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Kotter Edition

  1. Whew—it’s been a year since I’ve posted my seven sentences; I wish I could say a lot has changed, but I’m still here plugging away at my editing and writing while learning a little web development on the side.
  2. One day I’m going to make a book from these Seven Sentences for Sunday idea—one because I think it’s actually a fun idea that could be passed on to others, and two because it seems like any gimmicky book is being published these days and I want my cut.
  3. Rhett has been coming up with all sorts of philosophical questions lately that amuse me. My most recent favorite is when he asked, “How do you know when your heart loves someone? I mean, how does it all go down?”
  4. Our trip to Dallas was incredible and Jolie hit her 33rd state crossing—to my Facebook friends, I miscounted and thought it was her 30th, but I was wrong.
  5. I found a couple of flash fiction pieces that I’ve submitted over the years and haven’t been released due to competition rules. I think I’m going to do a new segment called Flash Fiction Friday, so look for it in your inboxes soon.
  6. Along the same vein, wouldn’t it be cool if I could actually follow through with my Thursday Verse Day idea? I don’t want to push myself too hard that I get burnt out, but a little pressure would probably go a long way for me.
  7. I think this idea is super fun, so if you have a few moments, go check out my friend Hope’s blog where she takes a photo a day and then blogs about it. She started in May 2013, so you can scroll through the archives to follow her adventures in writing.

I love you all, some more than others.