Seven Sentences for Someday: The New Decade Edition

1. We had a bit of an inauspicious start to the new year. At exactly 11:58 Paisley sat on the remote, exing us out of our Hulu which we were using to watch Steve Harvey bring in the new year. By the time I got it started again, the ball had dropped and they were singing  New York, New York. Tears ensued and even though we rewatched it, it wasn’t the same.
2.  2019 was the first year in as long as I can remember that I didn’t have pork, black eyed peas, and greens on New Years. I made $18k less, had a number of personal setbacks, and ended a five year relationship with someone I love. I’m going back to basics this year and have already eaten my peas, pork, and greens.
3.  I have the next 4 days completely free. After catching up on sleep, I am going to work on cleaning this house!

4. Once the Super Bowl is over I’m ditching live tv til next September. I doubt I’ll miss much.
5. Adam gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful Christmas presents ever. He continually amazes me with his ability to know just what I need.
6. I’m not making any hard and fast resolutions this year.  My sticktoitness is at an all time low.
7. I just resolve to be kind.

I love you all, some more than others.