An Evening of Fashion with Destiny!

When I looked in my closet the other day, I got to thinking about all the fun outfits I have that I don’t have an occasion for which I can wear them in the foreseeable future. In the past, I’d sigh and say to myself, “someday…someday.” Well today was someday and that someday was all in one day. Continue reading

If It’s in the Cards

What if the world was one big card game

with souls shuffled around as Kings and Queens reign

and one-eyed Jacks wink their wicked game,

It’s a treasury, this box of 52,

especially when the cards are dealt by the likes of me and you.

Sworn lovers and enemies just the same,

we both fight for and against, vowing

never to reveal the other’s name.


Mom…what if I had magic when I was a baby and I could turn into any age I wanted. So right when I came out of your belly I decided to be 16. Then I’d be like, ‘Get me out of this criiiiiibbb!”

–Jolie, who still might be saying that when she’s 16.

Preschooler Diplomacy

In the War of Words, Jolie’s two year advantage and encyclopedic vocabulary always trump Rhett. Today, however, Rhett won a round in the Battle of Insults based on the best rule for arguments: He who laughs first, wins.
Jolie: Know what? I’m gonna call you a stinker.
Rhett: Well, I gonna call you a butt.
Jolie: Fine. I’m gonna call you a pooper scooper.
Rhett (starting to crack a smile): A pooper scooper???
Jolie (glaring and sounding out the syllables): Yes. A Poo-per. Scoo-per.
Rhett (trying to suppress his giggles): Pooper Scooper. Hahahaha. Fine. I call you a. a. a…. A HOUSE!
Jolie (mouth hung open in bewilderment): A house?
At this point Rhett dissolved into uncontrollable laughter leaving Jolie no choice but to join in.
Absurdity thy name is preschooler. Congressional diplomacy, meet absurdity. Perhaps you two should talk?