Preschooler Diplomacy

In the War of Words, Jolie’s two year advantage and encyclopedic vocabulary always trump Rhett. Today, however, Rhett won a round in the Battle of Insults based on the best rule for arguments: He who laughs first, wins.
Jolie: Know what? I’m gonna call you a stinker.
Rhett: Well, I gonna call you a butt.
Jolie: Fine. I’m gonna call you a pooper scooper.
Rhett (starting to crack a smile): A pooper scooper???
Jolie (glaring and sounding out the syllables): Yes. A Poo-per. Scoo-per.
Rhett (trying to suppress his giggles): Pooper Scooper. Hahahaha. Fine. I call you a. a. a…. A HOUSE!
Jolie (mouth hung open in bewilderment): A house?
At this point Rhett dissolved into uncontrollable laughter leaving Jolie no choice but to join in.
Absurdity thy name is preschooler. Congressional diplomacy, meet absurdity. Perhaps you two should talk?

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