Mr. Wang

Recently I noted that my 2013 Facebook posts were more like my 2008-2009 pre-divorce ones…chipper, full of insights into this quirky world, lots of anecdotes from the kiddos. Of course my wall was still filled with tons of lyrics, but that has become normal for me as a way to track the upward and downward swings of my life. Some may shake their heads at the way I just throw out a random lyric, but I know exactly what I was thinking when I put it up there—no matter how much time has passed. The difference I’d like to see in 2014 is that I replace some of those words of others with thoughts and reflections of my own. Continue reading

An Introduction to 2014

ImageThis afternoon I sat at my computer crying, fingers paralyzed to asdf jkl; wondering if I’d ever be able to write again. A little extreme? Perhaps. But when I lack inspiration for writing, it can bleed over into other areas of my world where I lack initiative and wonder if I will ever be the same creative person I was before my world turned topsy-turvy four years ago. So I cried, too scared to start, knowing that if I did it would just be crap. And then I did. I just did. And once I did, it flowed. And when I was finished I felt good. No. I felt great. So, yeah. I’ve written a post for 2014. And I can’t double post, so I’m including the link to it here at my sister’s and my blog over at Crossing the Streams. Hate to make you double click, but I think it’s worth it…and it just might inspire you, too.

I love you all, some more than others…