An Introduction to 2014

ImageThis afternoon I sat at my computer crying, fingers paralyzed to asdf jkl; wondering if I’d ever be able to write again. A little extreme? Perhaps. But when I lack inspiration for writing, it can bleed over into other areas of my world where I lack initiative and wonder if I will ever be the same creative person I was before my world turned topsy-turvy four years ago. So I cried, too scared to start, knowing that if I did it would just be crap. And then I did. I just did. And once I did, it flowed. And when I was finished I felt good. No. I felt great. So, yeah. I’ve written a post for 2014. And I can’t double post, so I’m including the link to it here at my sister’s and my blog over at Crossing the Streams. Hate to make you double click, but I think it’s worth it…and it just might inspire you, too.

I love you all, some more than others…

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