Uh, Who Is This Chick?

Destiny! is a Cincinnati-based writer/editor with a skill for taking the mundane and making it extraordinary. At least that’s what she was told by her creative writing professor while studying abroad at the University of Reading in England. As for her own thoughts on herself, she knows that sometimes she soars, sometimes she bellyflops, but overall, she’s happiest at her keyboard pondering the intricacies of her life path. If she happens to elicit a smile or resonate with a life lesson, then she’s done her job and will live to blog on.**

**Caveat. She will likely live to blog on whether she receives boos or praise because she is just egocentric enough that she loves her own work. She does, however, have enough humility to know when to stop talking about herself in the third person.

Want to say hi? Tell me how awesome I am? Perhaps you want to comment, but are too shy to do so publicly… Just fill in the form below and push submit. If I like you enough and don’t have kiddos underfoot, then I might actually respond. If you want to be mean and try to quash my ego, good luck. Go here, and leave me alone.

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