Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Knick-Knack-Paddywack Edition

1. I strive to be the type of mom who is more concerned with the inevitable bruise my daughter is going to have after falling off the rock wall instead of the hole she put in her brand-new fancy leggings. I’m pretty sure I succeed at this, but damn if that hole doesn’t still sting.

2. I think a great Wheel of Fortune puzzle would be “Pop Culture Before & After” with the answer being “Katy Perry the Platypus.”

3. $25 and 750 tickets doth three happy kids buy. Gameworks day on Saturday and we walked out with a yardstick of bubble gum, a $1 rubber ducky, and all the rolls of Smartees that Jolie could cram into her hands. We rivaled Phineas and Ferb’s “Best Day Evah.”

4. To the friends and boyfriends who have gone before, Sam is succeeding where none of you could–he is expanding my palate to include wine, and I’m actually enjoying the journey. I still have my bitter beer face occasionally, but I can actually order a glass of wine without asking them to put Sprite in it now. I’m such a grownup.

5. My niece is turning one on Saturday. I haven’t been so proud of a little girl since Paisley hit the same milestone. It’s amazing how our hearts can expand to include not only our own children but those of loved ones as well.

6. Writing, quilting, scrapbooking–all have taken a backseat of late. I wonder as I look at the boxes of fabric, bins of keepsakes, and bits of strewn paper with notes jotted on them which of these will be the first to resurrect itself. Perhaps marrying one of these with a blogging project is in order.

7. You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

I love you all, some more than others.

Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Foiled Again Edition

1. Dammit, I had two really great sentences started, saved them as a draft, and they got lost. Now they are gone forever because my brain is shriveling like a five-year-old in an hour-long bath these days.

2. For a music lover such as myself, where music is infused in all of my daily life and relationships, there can be issues when a relationship fails and you both have a profound love for a band and their live shows. I found out this week that I got sole custody of Red Wanting Blue from one ex-boyfriend and joint custody of RWB with another. Failed relationship or no, the music rocks on…

3. I love it when storm clouds are clipping by overhead at a brisk pace. It gives me an adrenaline rush and makes me feel like magic is happening beyond their surface in a world unknown to ours.

4. I bought a huge sled. Which means the likelihood of us getting more than three inches of snow has dropped significantly. I’m not so sure that that’s a bad thing.

5. In February I am going to set a challenge of doing 7 sentences every day. Considering it takes me til Thursday to do my weekly sentences, this does not bode well. But it’s a goal setting exercise.

6. I’ve started Jazzercise again. When we do our kick turns to “Beat It,” I almost feel like I could be on Shake It Up Chicago.

7. Don’t you hate it when a great boss leaves? I’ve got a good one in the pipelines, thankfully, but it still sucks when they go–even if they are leaving to sit at the cooler lunch table.

I love you all, some more than others.

Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Whoops Let It Slip Edition

1. I have been sick for days with mild nausea, reminding me that I never again want to be pregnant. Whoever has placed their phantom fetus in my womb had better reclaim it soon before I start barfing up Saltines.

2. My new guy informed me that we have over 2000 text messages between us, not including the three-hour facebook chat we had. I’d say after two weeks of dating, I’m getting my money’s worth from my Virgin Mobile unlimited data plan.

3. I am explaining away the delay of this SSFS due to the fact that I accidentally let my domain name expire and couldn’t get in to update. To think Just Destiny could have been nabbed by the porn peddlers. “Oh cool, Destiny has a webcam up now…wait. wha???”

4. There are times when my left thumb finds my left ring finger and rubs the underside as if to twirl my rings, which I haven’t worn in over 2 years. Weird.

5. Every day the forecasters keep pushing back winter weather one more day. It seems like today is the day that Old Man Winter awakes from his slumber. Hopefully the crotchety old bastard will tire quickly after one good snowstorm and return us to our 50 degree winter days for the rest of the season.

6. I got two fruit servings and a protein in my smoothie today…yay me and my return to healthy eating.

7. Aforementioned boyfriend is currently on stage at a conference speaking about Bootstrapping Scala on Android. I only recognize the Android part of that title, but it feels good to be cheering someone else on in their goals. I know he’s knocking it out of the park right now.

I love you all, some more than others.

Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Holiday Redux Edition

1. While I had an amazing NYE, the preempted trip to Nashville made me miss out on more than my brothers…churros. Tiny little churros from Jack in the Box that make my mouth water with their otherworldy goodness. I’m taking the long way to Atlanta next time.

2. What made up for the lack of churros was perhaps the best post-drunk snack I’ve ever put in my mouth–a chicken and apple sausage with mustard, bacon, onions, and barbecue sauce–all on a fresh bun. Soaked those cranberry-vodkas right up.

3. Wanna know what sucks big, hairy, New Year’s balls? Waking up on New Year’s Day ready to jam and finding out your favorite radio station has gone country. Now where am I going to find my Lady Gaga and Elton John back to back?

4. 2012 is going to be a good year, I can feel it. Could be the extra helping of black-eyed peas I had for lunch, but I prefer to chalk it up to good juu-juu. I’ve had it coming for a while now.

5. I resolve to work on paying off my credit card debt before adding school debt on top of it, to eat more healthfully, and to laugh more often. I think I’ve officially become an old lady with my resolutions.

6. Does the watermelon Jolly Rancher I just ate count as the fruit serving of my eating more healthfully? I may have become an old lady with making my resolutions, but I’m still a child at keeping them. See, I told you 2012 was off to a great start.

7. I am so very thankful for good friends, scattered across the country though they may be, who seem to know just the right time to reach out and say hi. I wish everyone could have a friend like Heather Nodelman, Janna Sayer, or Amanda Korey. I am lucky enough to have all three plus quite a few more with whom I share the good fortune of 2012.

Happy 2012 everybody. I love you all, some more than others.