Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Knick-Knack-Paddywack Edition

1. I strive to be the type of mom who is more concerned with the inevitable bruise my daughter is going to have after falling off the rock wall instead of the hole she put in her brand-new fancy leggings. I’m pretty sure I succeed at this, but damn if that hole doesn’t still sting.

2. I think a great Wheel of Fortune puzzle would be “Pop Culture Before & After” with the answer being “Katy Perry the Platypus.”

3. $25 and 750 tickets doth three happy kids buy. Gameworks day on Saturday and we walked out with a yardstick of bubble gum, a $1 rubber ducky, and all the rolls of Smartees that Jolie could cram into her hands. We rivaled Phineas and Ferb’s “Best Day Evah.”

4. To the friends and boyfriends who have gone before, Sam is succeeding where none of you could–he is expanding my palate to include wine, and I’m actually enjoying the journey. I still have my bitter beer face occasionally, but I can actually order a glass of wine without asking them to put Sprite in it now. I’m such a grownup.

5. My niece is turning one on Saturday. I haven’t been so proud of a little girl since Paisley hit the same milestone. It’s amazing how our hearts can expand to include not only our own children but those of loved ones as well.

6. Writing, quilting, scrapbooking–all have taken a backseat of late. I wonder as I look at the boxes of fabric, bins of keepsakes, and bits of strewn paper with notes jotted on them which of these will be the first to resurrect itself. Perhaps marrying one of these with a blogging project is in order.

7. You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

I love you all, some more than others.

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