Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Foiled Again Edition

1. Dammit, I had two really great sentences started, saved them as a draft, and they got lost. Now they are gone forever because my brain is shriveling like a five-year-old in an hour-long bath these days.

2. For a music lover such as myself, where music is infused in all of my daily life and relationships, there can be issues when a relationship fails and you both have a profound love for a band and their live shows. I found out this week that I got sole custody of Red Wanting Blue from one ex-boyfriend and joint custody of RWB with another. Failed relationship or no, the music rocks on…

3. I love it when storm clouds are clipping by overhead at a brisk pace. It gives me an adrenaline rush and makes me feel like magic is happening beyond their surface in a world unknown to ours.

4. I bought a huge sled. Which means the likelihood of us getting more than three inches of snow has dropped significantly. I’m not so sure that that’s a bad thing.

5. In February I am going to set a challenge of doing 7 sentences every day. Considering it takes me til Thursday to do my weekly sentences, this does not bode well. But it’s a goal setting exercise.

6. I’ve started Jazzercise again. When we do our kick turns to “Beat It,” I almost feel like I could be on Shake It Up Chicago.

7. Don’t you hate it when a great boss leaves? I’ve got a good one in the pipelines, thankfully, but it still sucks when they go–even if they are leaving to sit at the cooler lunch table.

I love you all, some more than others.

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