The Open Journey of the Romantic

Thanks to Artist a Day

Today’s post bears a back story. When I first saw the rendering above, I was immediately struck by the hats on the ladies and Dorothy Parker came to mind. Initially I was just going to post an irreverent quote by the immeasurable Ms. Parker, but I forced myself to up the ante a bit. After a bit of research, I took the meter from Parker’s poem, “A Fairly Sad Tale” and replicated it into my own poem. It took me a day and a half to think about it and seven and a half minutes to write it. Such is the way with my poetry–sometimes it turns out great, other times I just get practice–it is always a quick process of writing it and then I can fiddle with it for years. Without further ado…enjoy.


Those who profess love is fickle so

Do not know this love I know.

She plays not at the surface near

exploding instead into the atmosphere.

She dreams of traipsing the cosmos wide

with only her lover by her side.

Across the nebulae they will roam

in her mind while safe at home.

His face does hide, his soul bares all

and one day into his arms she’ll fall.

For she knows for her there is only one

Who will pull her heart strings til they come undone,

Leaving a mound of flesh to treasure,

A promise of devotion without measure.

She knows not how to quietly conceal

The emotions that surge so deep and real.

No, those who profess love is fickle so

Do not know the love I know.

Her depth and breadth you will plainly see

For I am her and she is me.

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