Catching Up Part 1

Since this week was spent packing up and moving our lives yet again, I was left with absolutely no time or energy to post regularly. I don’t want to write off the week as a waste, so I’m going to take the next two days to catch up–sort of. My partner-in-crime and wannabe writer (at 7 1/2) took the helm with these first two from September 12 and 13. Without further ado, Jolie brings you Tuesday and Wednesday’s Steptember editions.

Special thanks to Artist A Day

By Tom Robinson

Jolie: What if that woman was sad and stressed out and is just coming home from a long day at the office.

Destiny!: Why is she stressed out?

Jolie: Because she had a bunch of meetings all day.

Destiny!: Why is she sad then?

Jolie: Because her two daughters just moved away and all she has left is her boy at home because he’s not old enough to move away.

Destiny!: What do you think would make her happy?

Jolie: Another kid.


By Jesse P Thomas


This man is in a cabin reading a book. His friend (who owns the really fancy cabin) is on the phone. His friend is talking to his sister about when she’s going to be able to come. The man with the book wants her to come because his wife died and he might want to marry her.

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