Seven Sentences for Sunday–The Do I Really Want to Start This Again Edition


  1. Vanilla Almond pancakes with Nutella spread on them are served at the head table in heaven’s dining hall–I am certain of it.
  2. A week of solitude followed by back-to-back events with grownup conversation can make you realize how easy it is to become a dullard if you’re not careful.
  3. I miss my metaphors–the really good ones that everyone loves–so if you find them, please send them back.
  4. After a craptastic summer, I’m doing alright–thanks for asking. 🙂
  5. Paisley walked by me today and brushed her arm along my shoulder. When I leaned in for a kiss, she whispered softly, “I farted” before meandering past.
  6. If you haven’t found “Spotify” online, find it.
  7. I went to church today…don’t shit yourself.

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