Seven Sentences for Sunday: The “Crap It’s Tuesday” Edition

  1. I want an OPI nail polish named after me: Destiny Digs Rockstars, and it will be iridescent purple.
  2. Roadtrips always make me question my parenting style…at least this time I didn’t throw a disputed toy out the window.
  3. My baby sister is 30, a fact that doesn’t freak me out nearly as much as my impending 34th.
  4. Said baby sister is the best party planner ever and she is officially in charge of planning my funeral when the time comes…it’ll be rockin’!
  5. It looks like we’ll be moving again…same town, cheaper rent, yet another address to add to our files.
  6. I’m considering an art-inspired writing challenge for September–perfectly timed for our move–nothing like a little pressure.
  7. I’m entering a Destiny First phase and it’s both refreshing in that my unfettered passion remains solid beneath my surface and sobering in that it can be so easily misplaced. More lessons from my thirties in my back pocket.
I love you all, some more than others.

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