Seven Sentences for Sunday: The “I Have to Pee” Edition

  1. This is gonna be like mad minute math–quick and to the point because I have to pee–and yes, I realize I can leave at any time and return–I like challenges, even if it means a little dribble.
  2. You know when you put a cup of orange juice in the freezer and leave it until it gets not-quite-frozen, just slushy, orange-juicy goodness? That’s a cup of happiness right there.
  3. After getting that sinking feeling from seeing Jolie’s hand-carved name on my solid wood bedroom door, I would like to humbly, and sincerely this time, apologize to my parents for getting ink from my Hello Kitty stamp pad on their new carpet when I was 8. I get it.
  4. I think I might like to take Prof. Snape’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class…I bet I could get some mad parenting tips while picking up some demon-fighting skills!
  5. Do you think Alanis Morissette really did go down on Ryan Reynolds in a theater, or was she just taking artistic liberties?
  6. In a sorta sneak peak at my September writing challenge, I’m touting my clever captioning skills with Wednesday’s Artist a Day painting: I call it “A Pirate Looks at Forty Winks.”
  7. I like turtles.

I love you all, some more than others.

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