Au Revoir Aout

Fresh backpacks, new fall clothes, squeaky clean sneakers…the new school year is upon us and I am inspired. While I’ve taken Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” to new heights with my shuffling back into bed post-bus stop dropoff, even I realize that I don’t want to hit October 1 and look back on the previous month as Sleptember. It’s time to get the lead out of my ass and get started on a new project. And a writing one at that…

Whenever I open up my Safari browser, my iGoogle appears to tell me the latest headlines, the weather forecast for the day, and what bands are playing in the area. It also introduces me to a new artist and shows me a piece from his/her collection. This is perhaps the highlight of my iGoogle experience (depending on the band lineup), as I am so often inspired by artwork and can find pieces of myself in almost anything. It is from this little application that my September writing challenge is born.

Each day in September, I’ll take the image from the Artist a Day (with a link to the original so you can see it in full resolution) and use it as the inspiration for a writing piece. Some days it may just be a caption. Others it might be a short vignette. Others might actually inspire a quote from someone else. I’m giving myself lots of liberty here since this is a huge undertaking for me–especially on the days when I have the kiddos. But it’s a challenge I’m determined to meet. Let’s call it part of “Steptember” as I continue to take steps to better myself and the world around me.

Wish me luck.

I love you all, some more than others.

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