Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Catch-All Edition

1. We moved on Wednesday and it was as minimally chaotic as possible. And now we are tucked in our apartment with only a few boxes remaining.

2. Those few boxes along with some extraneous crap at the old house will be the bane of my existence for the next week as I try and figure out what to do with the piddly crap that accumulates in a functioning household.

3. My new apartment has a much bigger mirror in the bathroom than at my old house, which means I can no longer hide the fact that I have indeed become the girl who got pudgy post-divorce. Of course this realization comes just as the weather is turning, but do something about it I will.

4. Do you think this boy sees a red wall and wants to paint it black?

By Hani Zurob

5. You know that old black and white picture of a work crew sitting on a beam eating their lunches high above a NYC construction site? A modern day version would have them all checking their smartphones so they could snap a picture and share it on facebook.

By David Soukup

6. I hate this picture. Sorry, but I do. For reasons of jealousy, more than anything. Because the man who is viewing this woman from this angle loves the simple fact that she is leaning over and applying sunscreen and still looks beautiful.

By Russell Shoemaker

7. I find myself walking this precarious line of sharing too much in my writing versus keeping myself more closed than before; I’ve been leaning to the side of holding my cards. I’m not sure that the limits are doing me any favors as my old standby format of the personal essay has become, well, less personal. A new challenge for the week, perhaps.

I love you all, some more than others.

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