Red Wanting You

Today’s post is inspired by my favorite indie rock band, Red Wanting Blue. This print by Amanda Joy Calobrisi brings to mind all of the vintage kitsch that adorn RWB’s stage. From little bobbleheads to bumper stickers to a Lite Bright with the band’s name spelled out in lights, the nostalgia they bring is all part of what makes their show spectacular. With poetic lyrics and soul stirring beats, you’re guaranteed to fall in love. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, check out their latest single Audition here. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think and I’ll dish on all my favorite RWB songs so you can find them on iTunes. P.S. Stay tuned for their newest album in January. If the past is any prediction, it’s going to be rockin’.


He’d very nearly kissed her. Right in the middle of the barroom floor with the band mid-set and the dance floor packed. He’d swung her around, unfurled his arm releasing her wide, and then just as quickly pulled her in close, his hand grabbing her hip just before they collided. She’d looked up at him and the universe paused for a brief second, his eyes doing a tango with hers as her heart stopped with her breath.

He leaned down as if to press his lips to hers and instead caught her ear, whispering, “Bye,” as he twirled her out again. She threw her head back and laughed, the music taking flight with her mood. He was teaching her what it meant to be in love, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Holding her tight again, he intertwined his arm with hers, grasping her hand so as not to get jostled by the crowd. “Come here,” he said, his voice hushed beneath the music. They weaved between the patrons who had their beers in the air as they toasted the song playing and made their way to the side of the stage. Crouching down on the stairs that led to the stage, he peeked around an amplifier to get a band’s eye view of the crowd. Then, turning his head, he did the same to get the angle of the band from backstage. He put his arm around her waist and pressed his cheek to hers so they could share the view. “This. This is my favorite place to be. You can see everything. How it all works…how it all comes together. I love it here.” And because of him, she did too.

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