Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Sayonara Edition

  1. Saying goodbye to your sister who is moving 2100 miles away is easy…if you pretend it’s not really happening.
  2. My niece’s wave goodbye also substitutes for a high-five or a chipper hello; it’s adorable no matter the intended meaning.
  3. As I say adios to the old house for good, my living room is once again filled with crap that I don’t want to sort. I need to throw a party for motivation.
  4. Is it sad that I’m already thinking about New Year’s Eve since I don’t have the kids? I don’t want to say au revoir to 2011 alone.
  5. As I bid adieu to one of my medicines, albeit over the course of a few months, it has the unintended effect of opening up little packages of memories that were boxed and put away for safe-keeping for a later or never date. The later date has arrived and it is weird.
  6. I abhor the new facebook…it frustrates the ever-living daylights out of me. And yet I still can’t say goodbye. Http Heroine.
  7. Part of me wishes I’d never said farewell to my old blog as, for better or worse, it was a part of me. The other part of me is glad I tore it down never to be uncovered by anyone’s eyes but my own. I am the hypocritical exhibitionist writer.

I love you all, some more than others.

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