The Open Journey of the Romantic

Thanks to Artist a Day

Today’s post bears a back story. When I first saw the rendering above, I was immediately struck by the hats on the ladies and Dorothy Parker came to mind. Initially I was just going to post an irreverent quote by the immeasurable Ms. Parker, but I forced myself to up the ante a bit. After a bit of research, I took the meter from Parker’s poem, “A Fairly Sad Tale” and replicated it into my own poem. It took me a day and a half to think about it and seven and a half minutes to write it. Such is the way with my poetry–sometimes it turns out great, other times I just get practice–it is always a quick process of writing it and then I can fiddle with it for years. Without further ado…enjoy. Continue reading


A Lively Debate

Thanks to Artist A Day


“Peter, feed your fish. You’re father will be home any minute.” Peter Lively scooted back from his workstation where he was downloading his homework and stuck the electron tube into his fish tank, giving his robotic fish their biweekly energy boost. One of them had lost a cathode coil earlier in the week, so it had to be tossed in the noncombustible bin, but the rest were swimming around in their plasma as if they had gills full of charge. Continue reading

Five for the Fifth

Thanks to Artist A Day

  1. It was all fun and games until God found out what happened when Gabriel lit Michael’s fart on fire.
  2. Forget a goon, this is what happens to Little Bunny Foo Foo when the Great Fairy gets really pissed.
  3. The Browns sure were happy they decided to build outside of the flood plain.
  4. Perhaps The Hopped Henchmen should have rethought the debut of their pyrotechnics at the barn dance.
  5. A twister and a fireball all in one shot? Heidi Fleiss’s new S&M B&B was going down.

Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Facebook Stole My Good Ones Edition

  1. Sometimes I waste my good sentences on a facebook update. I need to learn to pick and choose.
  2. That being said, some are worth repeating: Jolie wants Steven Hyde (from That 7o’s Show) to be her stepdad. I wish I could oblige, but Danny Masterson is a scientologist and is engaged to Bijou Phillips, despite being utterly gorgeous and irresistibly witty.
  3. Rhett has been in Virginia with his grandmother since Saturday and I got to experience life as a mom of two–whew, what a difference in energy requirements!
  4. It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to my summer favorite beverage, the coconut mocha frappuccino. On the other hand, I welcome with eager anticipation the salted caramel mocha, which will no doubt warm my belly, sending embers to my heart and coziness to my soul.
  5. I wish I could work the image of the house exploding into my Seven Sentences, but I suppose another writing task is in order for my Steptember commitment.
  6. Labor Day Statistic: I was in labor for 18 hours with Jolie, 7 with Rhett, and 6 with Paisley.
  7. Brutally honest moment: I do not have the emotional energy for a boyfriend, I am uncomfortable with my body at the moment, so I don’t want one, but I very much would like a french kiss.

I love you all, some more than others.

September 4

Inspired by Artist a Day

Happy birthday to Marshall Alan


I had brought her hydrangeas. They rested on her bedside table, their bulbous heads pulling at the stems from the plastic vase the hospital had lent us. Next to them lay the phone, which she had taken from its cradle. I leaned down to kiss her forehead, but only caught her temple as she turned away from me. Continue reading

Holding Onto Daybreak

Day 2 of Steptember. I now wake each morning and immediately log on to my iGoogle to see what Artist a Day artwork awaits me. The kids are even enjoying brainstorming with me. This could get addictive!


The truck door opened and two bare feet hit the red clay. Elise Hanover wiggled her way over to the scenic lookout sign, pulling her panties down as she tried to avoid letting go before she could squat. It was early enough that the road was still empty of travelers—it was a desolate stretch anyway—and she sighed heavily when the flow of urine puddled and rivered between her feet. Continue reading