Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Pieces of Me Edition

  1. Having my kids with me gives me a peace of mind that I have longed for since I took my exclamation point. Their energy dissipates my own, and I feel almost normal.
  2. My ex-husband bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday (with the kids’ help) because he remembered I like the crunchies. We are on a path to being better friends than we ever were spouses.
  3. Reese’s Pieces…on a caramel apple…with Granny Smith as a base…bought in Vegas last year and still lusted after by me and Jolie.
  4. If zombies came to eat my brain, their tongues would rot off into a fiery bolus based on all the chemicals I’ve got mixing around in there–some natural and others not-so-much. Some days I can literally feel the synapses firing and can describe it in exquisite detail–I smell a poem.
  5. Being uninspired is a distressing feeling for a writer. Let’s hope this nursing thing works out.
  6. I turned 34, lied and told someone I was 27, got 27 jello shots, did half, and rocked my ass off on Saturday night. D! FTW.
  7. I would really like to give someone a small piece of my heart—I miss doing simple acts of affection for someone I love. I have yet to figure out how to channel that energy elsewhere–it just sits in its pot simmering, begging to be served. I’m limping today.

I love you all, some more than others.

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