Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Hopefully Haunted Edition

  1. I’ve decided that we should teleport using 1/3 of our brains and we can therefore take over 1/3 of someone else’s brain. Wouldn’t it then be awesome to teleport right into someone’s brain who has 50-yard-line tickets for the Super Bowl? Just to feel the excitement?
  2. I had an epiphany tonight while looking for nursing school scholarships: I want to be a neonatal nurse. I think I would be excellent at it, even if it does dash my dreams of finding my own Denny Duquette.
  3. I went trick-or-treating with my ex-husband, his new fiancee, and four of the five kids between us all tonight. It was actually a lot of fun!
  4. I am bound and determined to finish hanging my artwork this week. I’m tired of my apartment being unkempt and unfinished.
  5. This teenage acne on my chin has got to stop. I think I got it from reading Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, because she complains about her own bouts with it.
  6. Thursday night is my only free night this week…the rest are booked with social events. I sound a lot more hip than I really am–in actuality I’m just lonely as fuck.
  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…why won’t the people at Hershey’s get their heads out of their asses and make a dark chocolate Almond Joy? We could call it Almond Bliss or Nutty Nirvana…just get it done already.

I love you all, some more than others.

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