Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Two Shy Edition

1. Do you remember being on the playground when you were like four or five and you finally got a turn at the wheel–the big one that you could drive like a bus or a car or, for the truly inspired, an airplane. And you would whip that thing around from left to right in an action that would in real life send you careening from sidewalk to sidewalk, but that was how you imagined driving a car would be in your four-year-old eyes–after all, why have a wheel if you’re not going to really drive it. Anyway, I used to drive my life-car like that, taking a few people out in the swerves, but picking up lots of passengers along the way. I miss honking that horn and having my friends come running.

2. My strength in writing comes from taking mundane little details and extrapolating them into essays that speak to universal feelings or emotions. Somewhere over the past few months someone or something has intervened in my creative plane and has put me in shackles. It’s from this darkness that I write tonight.

3. I am no angel, though I have pretended to be one. I am no devil, though I’ve been mistaken for one. All I ask is that I just be allowed to be me…just Destiny, nothing more, nothing less, just to see where in life that takes me. I, for one, would like to be surprised.

4. My heart has healed, but it has been replaced by stone that no longer connects with my brain. I can look at my sleeping son and feel a surge of pride in my brain, but the thump of motherly love in my heart is missing. This has made me get all philosophical on the meaning of love, and I fear where it is taking me.

5. I have nothing more to say tonight, so I’ll leave you with a two point gap.

I love you all, some more than others.

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