Seven Sentences for Sunday: The XLVI Edition

  1. The Giants won. Which means last year’s tactic of cheering for the quarterback whom I’d rather sleep with resulted in me siding with the losers this year.
  2. I loved the Betty White The Voice commercial. That and the dog bribing the dude with Doritos, which was done by a Cincinnatian. Hometown pride. Oh. And the Chevy post-apocalyptic one with the nod to Zombieland with the Twinkies. Pop culture brilliance.
  3. Super Bowl parties are fun. The food is great. The company is great. The host is great. If only it wasn’t on a Sunday.
  4. No more football for eight months. The season always seems too short to me.
  5. Madonna: I wouldn’t go gay for her, but damn those thighs. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what should be illegal on a fifty year old.
  6. Post-party shenanigans include snuggling up in bed–he on his iPad, me on my MacBook Pro, reading the Oatmeal together. I can take 21 Justin Biebers in a fight.
  7. For the record, we rock at making Super Bowl snacks. Port wine and blue cheese dip with crostini and chocolate caramel triangles. Both from his extensive cookbook collection–which he actually uses. *sigh*.

I love you all, some more than others.

2 thoughts on “Seven Sentences for Sunday: The XLVI Edition

  1. Nic says:

    You can take 21 Justin Biebers? What? First, I’d say that number is low. I put the Destiny:Bieber Quotient at around 36, at least. Second, where on earth does one go to calculate this figure?

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