Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Four-in-One Edition

  1. I wish “shart” was an acceptable Words with Friends word.
  2. D to P: “How’d you get to be so cute?” P, shrugging: “God just made me that way. And he made you that way too.” Awww.
  3. “I wanted to cut in front of Philip in the lunch line but he said no. So I just gave him my Puss-in-Boots eyes and he let me go ahead of him.”–Jolie, learning to use her womanly wiles already.
  4. If Paisley makes it to 18 without ink it will be a miracle. Every time I leave a pen out that child tats herself.
  5. There are few greater joys than listening to PJ sing along with Top 40 radio.
  6. Mmmm…churros and tacos. Jack in the Box is coming to the tri-state.
  7. “If there was a game and you had to pick your favorite hero, I would totally pick Darth Vader”–Rhett
  8. As gross as it is, it is insanely hilarious to be dutch-ovened by a three year old.
  9. Since reentering the dating world, I have become acutely aware of when my period starts. This twice a month thing had better be a fluke or a one-time-only cruel joke.
  10. Honeybells right out of the fridge are served for the after-angel-school snack in heaven. I’m certain of it.
  11. I just killed three of those suckers. Yes, three.
  12. I put my elliptical to good use today. For 15 excruciating minutes. Exercising for the first time in 18 months means I’m going to have to start slow. Much slower than I anticipated.
  13. I heart Phillip Phillips. And when I professed my love, Jolie asked me, “Yes, Mom. But do you love him more than Michael Kelso?”
  14. My new iSkin, with its funky shades of purple polka dots, just makes me smile.
  15. The blue cheese encrusted filet mignon that I made for Valentine’s dinner further underscores the fact that I could never be a vegetarian.
  16. I’m taking the kids to see The Ant and The Grasshopper theater production on Saturday. I love introducing them to culture. The moral message is just bonus.
  17. I locked the kids in their room today until it was cleaned. Forced captivity or just a pms-ing mom at her wits end, it was done in less than eight minutes and they stood proudly showing it off when I opened the door to let them out.
  18. I have taken to locking my own door at night so I can monitor when the kids get out of their beds to try and get into mine. I answered the call last night at 2:30, 4:15, and 6:30. I sent them back to their own beds for all but the 6:30. Compromise.
  19. I am immensely sorry for any stalking I did in my past life. Being hung up on a guy is one thing. Being completely obsessed is another. Karma is biting me in the ass with Sam’s ex, and I’m not liking it one bit.
  20. Jolie had to use the word “absolutely” in a sentence on her schoolwork. The result: “I  like so absolutely saved the day.”
  21. I love when my authors don’t know how to address me and call me Dr. Just.
  22. *Almost* every night that one of us has our kids Sam and I facetime across town to catch up on our day and say goodnight. Remember back in the eighties when we dreamed of video phones? We’ve got it, baby.
  23. I think I have all of my paperwork in so I can do my taxes. The hopeful payout at the end is actually motivating me to do them before April.
  24. It’s time for me to write another story or essay. I’m laying the gauntlet and saying I’ll put one out next week. Maybe I’ll add a poem to the challenge as well. Might as well aim high.
  25. I feel good that I’m learning more about my faith in my small group at church. I just wish I could say I believe in God without still feeling a little embarrassed.
  26. I still have a bowl of split-pea soup frozen in my freezer that Sam made me on our first date. Tomorrow would be a good day to break that out.
  27. I had to turn down a ghostwriting job because I can’t break out of this uncreative rut I’m in. I can’t even express how humbling and disappointing that is. Every writer’s worst fear–that the gift has dried up and blown away in the wind to be scattered among the trees–nags at my soul. Still I press on. Out of stubbornness, out of ignorance, out of the tiniest hope that perhaps my muse will reappear and my heart will once again thump with words for those who have none.
  28. Four days in one. Daily deadlines be damned, I’ll get my sentences done eventually. Even if I have to barf them up twenty-eight at a time.

I love you all, some more than others.

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