Seven Sentences for Sunday: The I’m So Whooped I Can Barely Type Edition

  1. My blood sugar is so low and I am so exhausted that I am literally cramming creamed spinach from Boston Market into my mouth as I type one-handed.
  2. I spent about six hours today helping my friend Jeff paint his entire rental house from a tenant who left it trashed; how sad it was to see this adorable house that I first stepped into four years ago transformed into a complete dump.
  3. Following the above, who leaves condoms, dog feces, and dirty diapers on the floor—guh-ross.
  4. On a happier note, I scored some sweet Avon treats from my friend Tanya, including some makeup so I can look like a grownup at tomorrow’s meeting.
  5. Oh yeah—the meeting—the super secret, uber exciting meeting that I am going to in the morning. Shhhh…but keep your fingers crossed and maybe say a little prayer for me if you’re into that sort of thing.
  6. I heard from a friend this week whom I never thought I would hear from again…made my day.
  7. Why do they have security sensors in front of the bathrooms at Joseph-Beth Booksellers? Have people seriously been caught smuggling literary material into the john to read?? I echo my previous statement…guh-ross.

I love you all, some more than others.

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