Dear Santa: My 2014 Letter to Santa

Lacey, Destiny, Santa 1981

Lacey, Destiny, Santa 1981

Dear Santa:

As I sit down to compose my 2014 letter to you, I wonder why I haven’t thought to do so in years past. I also find myself feeling incredibly greedy, as this has been a year of granted wishes. In spite of a pretty horrific start to the year, Christmas came early on July 30 when the man of my dreams entered my life. From then on, 2014 has been one big amusement park ride of excitement and thrills. From road trips to buying my own home, I have been walking the yellow brick road of good fortune.

With 2015 on the horizon and the Emerald City within my sights, I wonder if I should even have the gall to ask for more….after all, isn’t a book deal within my own reach if I should simply submit? And I’m within 18 months of paying off my home and car, each of which will put me in a different plane of financial peace. It doesn’t seem right to ask for more…However, if I harken my younger days when I sat on your lap and wished for the stars in spite of my already bountiful blessings, I can think of a few things to add to my wish list…Below are a handful of Christmas wishes.

1. Might as well get the big one out of the way…I had so much fun buying Christmas presents this year, I’d love a bigger budget to continue to shop for friends, family, and those on the Angel Tree who are in need. I promise I would shop wisely and use my funds to spread the magic and love of the Christmas season.
2. I had the wonderful fortune to reconnect with a dear friend this past year and surprise him with a trip that was one for the memory books. I know it’s a bit nebulous of a request, but more moments like this would be much appreciated. And if that’s too vague, then maybe you could just whisper in McCartney’s ear that he’d really like to visit the Queen City in 2015?
3. The granting of my final wish would be a bit bittersweet, however if you could help Red Wanting Blue reach more people with some mainstream radio play, that would be awesome. But please, not before I get a chance to bend Scott Terry’s ear about a super-secret surprise for my aforementioned friend!

I know I’ll think of more self-serving wishes in, say, March, when I think “Doh! I really wish I would’ve asked for that vintage avocado Tupperware canister set I saw on ebay in December…” but right now I’ll leave you with these three.

Happy Christmas, Santa, from one not-so-little girl who still believes in your magic, no matter when in the year you decide to sprinkle it.


Note: This has been cross-posted from my blog I keep with my sister at Check out the link to see the original along with Lacey’s letter to Santa.

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