I entered a writing contest through NYCMidnight and was tasked with writing a story under 250 words with the following parameters:

Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale

Action: Attending a funeral

Word: Unknown

The following is what I came up with. I give you Death of the Commandant

The best part of a superhero funeral was not the food, not the wardrobe choices, for those paying their respects came in uniform. No, it was the gossip. 

“I heard it was heartbreak that ultimately did him in…” Lady LaCroix whispered to Sir Steel, who shrugged his shoulders while stuffing a crab puff into his mouth.

“Have you seen Diamond Doll since the news?” Dr. Wonder asked Mr. Huge, who shook his head in the negative.

The official report from the coroner stated the cause of death was unknown, but the Positivity Posse knew otherwise. No force could take down someone like the Commandant unless it was tapped into dark energy–and Captain Tachyon, their evasive, most disruptive foe to date, seemed to have dark energy in excess.

“We need a plan,” said Ms. Speedshot.

Suddenly the door to the Leviticus Lair burst open, and there in a sea of both fire and ice stood Diamond Doll. “It was you, you bougie bitch!” Diamond Doll said, pointing in the direction of Lady LaCroix. “You tricked the Commandant into sleeping with you so that Captain Tachyon could attack when he was most vulnerable. You are a disgrace to the Posse.”

The collective gasp when Sir Steel immediately turned Lady LaCroix to metal without a trial was interrupted by a giant “hoo-rah!” from Major USA. The superheroes shuffled metal Lady Lacroix off to recycling and went about their mourning, wondering where Captain Tachyon would strike next.


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