16 Reasons to Date a Single Mom Like Me

  1. We’ve got that nurturing thing down. Whether it be to dry a tear or just give a hug for no reason other than to say I love you, that quality is innate in us.
  2. You may not be as cool as Bon Jovi, but we’ll still be your biggest fan. (I take that back—your kids will probably take first prize for a little while, but then we’ll move into first place when puberty hits.)
  3. We don’t need grand romantic gestures. Snap a picture of a cool cloud or a pretty flower and text it to us just to let us know you think of us occasionally.
  4. We are easy to win over. On occasion we might ask you to fold a load of kids’ clothes, or play rock paper scissors on who has to cook dinner that night. But we promise if paper beats rock, we’ll still playfully flirt in the kitchen with some good-natured booty kicks or zombie kisses.
  5. We are too old for drama. That and we’ve been through it with our exes, so why add more?
  6. We also can pull it together for the sake of the children. After all, at one point or another we thought our ex was our be all end all…why let them be the “end all” now?
  7. You will melt our hearts when you let our youngest ride on your back for a piggyback ride or sit down and play legos with our boy, who never has anyone to play legos with.
  8. We’re not jaded, we know that there are good men out there, we’re just looking for the right fit.
  9. We believe in simple twists of fate, or perhaps just happy coincidences. Like when you never, ever have looked at a personal’s ad and you just happen to click and find one that was uploaded that very same day by someone who sounds like they could make you laugh like a best friend…
  10. We take chances. We’ve learned life is too short not to, so we send a pic of ourselves to a random stranger on said personal’s site and hold our breaths.
  11. We’re confident. And we’ve been told that nothing is sexier than confidence. So by default, we’re sexy too.
  12. We can be a lady when we need to be. Whether for a business dinner or just a date on the town, our jeans and tees can go in the laundry pile in favor of a nice dress and some makeup.
  13. We’re done with the baby phase. Don’t get me wrong, we loved it at the time, but we are over it now and don’t want to go back. We love our kids at the age they are at and are excited to watch them grow.
  14. As single moms, we realize we can’t do it all and are now more willing to accept help rather than try to carry the world on our backs by ourselves.
  15. We can be the disciplinarian so you don’t have to be the bad guy all the time.
  16. We can always think of one more thing to add to a list of….

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