Seven Sentences for Sunday: The Special Ornaments Edition


For this edition of SSFS, I undecorated my Christmas tree for a brief moment to bring you my seven favorite Christmas ornaments. Of course, each has a back story, otherwise they wouldn’t be special…This was a difficult process, as many of the ornaments on my tree are personal gifts or are handmade by loving children’s hands. However, I managed to narrow it down to seven, even if I did have to leave out my favorite silver bells that belong to each member of the family. With that, I invite you to enjoy this little trip down memory lane in Destiny! town…


CAM00531My Snoopy Ornament. My grandmother gave this to me when I was born, just seven weeks before my first Christmas. She has a Snoopy fixation–I can’t help but think of Grandma when I see that happy, dancing beagle. Made of glass, it’s amazing this ornament has lasted this long. I hold my breath every year that I hang it–and it always goes near the top, away from little hands.

2. CAM00528My Macaroni Angel ornament. Made by my baby brother, Preston, when I was in college, this is a well-loved treasure. Missing the penne body, I managed to keep the wings and head together with some hot glue. Preston just turned 25 this past Friday, so this ornament is going on 20 years…

3. CAM00527The Preggo Snow Woman. She used to have a carrot nose and an ice-cream cone with a pickle in it in her hand, but the years have not been kind to her. Given to me by a dear friend when I was pregnant with my oldest, Jolie, she harkens a more innocent time in my life when the whole world seemed to be ahead of me.

4. CAM00524Ziggy! I bought this when I was pregnant with Rhett because we called him Ziggy when he was in the womb. It was an impossible find, but ebay came to the rescue and I almost find myself rubbing my belly whenever we put this one on the tree.

5. CAM00525I love the ornaments with pictures. Paisley made this her last year in preschool, and she always scrambles to hang it because she knows it’s hers. Such an innocent little face for such a big stinker!

6. CAM00526Jolie’s dodecahedron. A veritable art piece, glitter and color abound. Jolie made this when she was in 3rd grade with her much beloved teacher, Mrs. Weber. She’ll be taking this one with her when she has her own family one day.

7. CAM00523Mrs. S’s Macaroni Frame Project: We have been so blessed to have all three kids have the same 1st grade teacher. She always makes sure neither Will nor I are left out–from everything like separate report cards to separate craft projects, my kids are never forced to have to choose a parent to give something to just because we are divorced. This sweet little picture frame is something I have looked forward to with both Jolie and Rhett, and I am excited to open mine from Paisley this year, too.

However you celebrate, I urge you to take a few moments during the season to remember those little treasures you or your family have collected through the years. Whether it’s a collectible ornament or a simple piece of art that is unrelated at all to the holidays, each of these tells a small part of our life story, and that is a unique gift that has no price.

I love you all, some more than others.

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